Terrazas Single Vineyard Malbec 2015

A very unique expression of one very special Terrazas vineyard                                                       

STYLE: Intense fresh aromas of red fruits like cherry and raspberry, with typical floral (violet) and elegant herbal minty notes. Mouthfeel is generous, juicy and silky, with amazingly integrated and soft tannins that enlighten its elegance and complexity                                                 

Color: Intense purple color with violet shades   

Nose: An amazing combination between intensity and precision.
Reveals a ripe fruit and sweet character of blackberry, plum and red fruit marmalade.
It rounds off with elegant notes of pepper, bay and cinnamon                                                               

Palate: Intense black fruit, great amplitude and marked sucrosity.
Stands out for its fine ripe and silky tannins and delivers an elegant and complex mouthfeel.
Ageing will enhance the wine ́s                         

FOOD PAIRING EXAMPLES: Ideal to pair with grilled and slow-cooked beef with wine reductions. This wine also pairs beautifully with stewed lamb and mature or smoked cheeses.

1-2 DAYS