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Persia Grill Beef Kebab


The Classic: Houseblend prime cuts of ground beef marinated with onions
and spices.

Instructions in cooking:
Pan Frying (Basic)
- Step 1 Slice some tomatoes.
- Step 2 Mold your kebabs to your desired shape.
- Step 3 Heat the pan to medium and add a dash of cooking oil.
- Step 4 Pan-fry the kebab until it is golden brown.
- Step 5 With the same oil used in cooking the kebabs, pan fry your
Grilling (Advanced with a metal skewer)
You can grill over charcoal your kebabs, tomatoes/onions.
- Step 1 Wrap the kebab mix in a metal skewer shaping it along the skewer
with equal thickness. (Tip: After placing on the skewers, chill a bit to avoid
crumbling. If you do not have as metal skewer, you may use an Iron-Grid)
- Step 2 Cook over grill