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Black Mustard Seeds 50g


Black mustard seeds are very versatile, and are one of the most prominent spices used in almost every region of India. In many Indian dishes, they are used as a seasoning. They are often used to give flavor to lentil or rice dishes and are fried in a little oil with curry leaves. They give a lot of taste without adding many calories.


In the eastern regions of the Indian subcontinent, fish is normally made with mustard seeds (especially in Bengali cuisine). In Rajasthan they are used as the main flavor of many curries. In the west of the country, they are used to add flavor to yogurt and rice and coconut curries.  In the South, they are used to flavor the vast majority of dishes! South Indian food cannot be made without black mustard seeds!


A good way to start cooking with mustard seeds is to fry them in a little oil with curry leaves and add this to rice, dal (lentils) or curry dishes! Enjoy cooking!