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Black Pepper Powder in Glass Bottle 70g


The health benefits of black pepper Black pepper are known to treat and help a number of ailments. The essential oil of black pepper is often added to massage blends and applied to aching or painful joints and muscles, whether the pain is sports related or through arthritic or rheumatic pain. Black pepper also plays a major role in the metabolism and the digestion of food and it can help to settle the stomach and relieve gas. Below are other healing qualities that black pepper is known or reputed to have: Black pepper induces sweating,which consequently cools down the body and relieves feverish symptoms. Black pepper is useful for those with poor circulation. It is said to promote mental clarity, which is useful when studying. It can help clear up colds, viral infections and flu when prepared in a tea. Black pepper helps to prevent gas and flatulence. It induces urination, which is good when the kidneys are not functioning properly. Black pepper is a powerful anti-oxidant. It is anti bacterial, which was useful for meat preservation before the time of refrigerators. Black pepper helps to break down and digest fats and meat proteins much more easily, as it induces the production of saliva and gastric juices needed for digestion in the stomach. Black pepper is a good source of manganese and iron, which are important for the body to function correctly.Components of black pepper are often added to mouthwashes and gargles used to treat sore throats. Black pepper is a stimulant that can stimulate various parts of the body such as the heart, kidneys, circulation and the stomach. When foods are eaten with black pepper, the body is able to absorb valuable vitamins and nutrients from the food much easier. Black pepper has been used to treat