Camus XO Elegance w/glass 700ML

The Camus XO is the result of years of careful and meticulous work. The process begins with the selection of the finest eaux-de-vies that define the main features of the Camus XO. Some of the ingredients come from Borderies plantations, which further breed the nectar. As a result of the long maturation process spent in cool cellars, truly noble eaux-de-vies are born. A balanced, well-rounded, delicious and elegant cognac, Camus XO, is born from a mixture of these wonderful distillates. Camus XO is pale amber in color and has an extremely mature and complex scent. In the taste, the harmony of fresh and candied fruits is accompanied by the character of honey, chocolate, almonds and hazelnuts. The aftertaste is pleasantly woody, with vanilla notes. Camus XO is a must-have for high-quality cognac and gourmets.