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Easy Hotpot by Champion Sukiyaki



White Onion, Leeks, Enoki mushrooms, Carrots, Napa Cabbage, 2 pcs. Egg, Silken Tofu, Sweet Corn, Broth,  300g Meat, and 200g Noodles 

(No Hot Pot Balls and Sauce)  


Carefully open a bag of Champion HotPot  Broth and pour the desired amount into a pot (Save the rest for refills). Bring broth to a boil, while waiting for the broth pour out the sauces onto separate dipping bowls, lay meat onto a serving plate, and prepare your soups bowls.

Once the broth is boiling, add the vegetables and champion balls

a.         For Hardier vegetables, allot 2-3mins

b.         For Leafy vegetables and mushrooms, allot 30 seconds to 1-minute

c.          For Champion balls, allot 2-3 mins (some balls have hot fillings, be careful)

Add Noodles, cook for around 2 mins.

For the meat, dip them one by one onto the boiling broth and cook for 20-30 seconds

You may take out the cooked vegetables, Champion Balls, and Meat, dip them in the sauces while sipping on some hot delicious soup


You may also gather the cooked Vegetables, Champion Balls, Meat, and some noodles into a small bowl with soup and add some sauce to the soup to give it a different flavor. (works especially well with our Sate “Grand Slam” Sauce)

*Refill soup, vegetables, champion balls, and meat as needed.