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Future Fresh Salanova Lettuce Mix

Our Salanova lettuce mix consists of multiple varieties of Salanova, such as oakleaf, crystal, butterhead, frisee and more. Generally, around 240g net consumable across three full-size lettuce heads.
Our salanova lettuce has numerous small leaves compared to other lettuces and is easier to prep with one cut. It is harvested young and retains a sweeter taste, more crunch and a vibrant color. Far better than romaine lettuce!
Use it for salads, burgers, wraps or as a substitute for other greens in your recipe. 
This salanova lettuce is grown indoors, hydroponically with zero pesticides in a clean, sterile environment. Experience a longer shelf life with the freshest produce possible from your local urban, indoor farm. 
This will be delivered in a resealable, reusable fully-biodegradable bag. 

Each order quantity consists of multiple heads of Salanova lettuce packed loose-leaf style (not including base/butt of the lettuce) up to 250grams.


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