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HARVEST GOURMET® Schnitzel 2kg

The HARVEST GOURMET® Schnitzel combines a crispy crumb coating on the outside, with a juicy and tender texture on the inside, which tastes and smells like a real chicken schnitzel. Rich in protein and a good source of fiber, this plant-based Schnitzel is a delicious substitute for chicken allowing you to build plenty of meals around it. You can serve it as a main course together with potatoes and vegetables, or simply added to a salad, soup, pasta, sandwich or wrap. Our plant-based Schnitzel is pre-cooked and can easily be warmed in the oven, pan-fried or in a fryer.

●  No GMO soy
● Vegetarian
● Rich in protein and good source of fiber
● Halal-certified

Ingredients: Bread crumbs [Wheat flour (Gluten), Yeast, Vegetable oil, Salt, Paprika, Turmeric], Vegetable oil, Seasoned batter [Water, Wheat flour (Gluten), Tomato puree, Paprika, Onion, Vinegar, Salt, Garlic, Yeast, Vegetable oil, Wheat gluten (5.9%), Soya protein (5.9%), Egg white (Chicken), Corn starch, Citrus fiber, Yeast, Vinegar, Onion, Salt, Garlic.

Allergen Information: Contains Gluten (from Wheat), Soya and Egg.

Storage condition: -18 degrees Celsius

Shelf life: 15 months

Thawing and handling: Once defrosted, do not refreeze, use immediately.