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Iodized Fine Rock White Salt in Bottle 700g


Iodized fine white rock salt is all-natural, organic, keto-friendly and Kosher certified, to give you a seasoning and table salt of the highest quality.

NUTRIENT RICH: White rock salt contains trace levels of several other nutrient rich minerals, including iron and zinc. We ensure that our white salt is minimally refined with no additives or fillers (unlike table salt) to ensure that the nutrient value and superior taste are passed on to you.

WHAT OUR BODY NEEDS: Our bodies can’t produce salt, yet it’s an essential nutrient for survival and human physiological function, which we must obtain through our diet. Unprocessed white rock salt can help support fluid balance, nerve conduction, muscle contraction and prevent low blood pressure.

FOOD TO REMEMBER: Natural, white rock salt is great for food lovers and a wonderful gift for people who like to cook. Our salt is excellent for curing, finishing, seasoning, pickling and grilling meats, fish and vegetables.