Kavalan Solist Peaty Cask 700ML

Kavalan Solist Peaty Cask was distilled on January 6th, 2010 and bottling date was on May 6th, 2019. It is 9 years and 4 months old, which is extremely old for any Kavalan whisky. This is one of the last Peaty Casks available from the Kavalan warehouse. Bottled at a high 57.8% abv. – a total of 114 bottles available. Truth Malters

Matured in rare, special and hand-select casks. Retaining Kavalan’s trademark subtropical fruit flavors and peerless texture, it will surprise and delight whisky connoisseurs.

Color: Honeyed Gold

Nose: Rich in honey, toffee, bees wax and coconut. With water, more of the classic tropical fruits notes especially golden kiwi, come through. Very delicious and refreshing…

Palate: More toffee and butterscotch bring a peaty taste but rather subdued and more earthy than maritime. The finish is quite long with peppery notes of red chili. It is perfectly balanced and quite complex-a beautiful whisky!