Kitayama Wagyu Beef Ribeye Steak (Boneless, Grade 4)

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Source: Bukidnon, Philippines

Cut Profile: Extremely flavorful and tender steak due in part to its excellent fat content, the Ribeye is fabricated from the upper rib cage along the spine. Its marbling and muscle fiber make it perfect for high heat grilling and other fast cooking methods. The dry-aging process achieves a more concentrated, earthy beef flavor and also sets the stage for natural enzymes to break down connective tissue within the muscle, producing a more tender steak.

About the Supplier: Wagyu is that legendary breed of cattle that was developed in Japan and is finely marbled with its exquisitely tender texture and incomparable flavor. Beef marbling is that single trait that sets Wagyu beef apart from all others. Its fine network of delicate fat bastes from within while the meat cooks on the outside. For the ultimate experience, indulge in our selection of Kitayama prime beef cuts. The story unfolds in the cool and gentle climes of the foothills of Mt. Kitanglad in Bukidnon, northern Mindanao, where the Wagyu herds are pampered on lush pastures. Sired by selected bulls from champion lineages, only the best cattle proceed into the company feedlot where they are maintained on nutritious concentrates and grains--for 600 days! No hormones, no enhancers, no shortcuts. All natural from paddock to plate.