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Parsley Leaves in Glass Bottle 30g

  • Parsley is a popular herb often used in American, European, and Middle Eastern cooking.It’s commonly used to elevate the flavor of dishes like soups, salads, and fish recipes.Aside from its many culinary uses, parsley is highly nutritious and has been shown to have many powerful health benefits.
  • Aside from diabetes, elevated blood sugar levels can occur due to an unhealthy diet or a lack of exercise.Elevated blood sugar levels can increase your risk of health complications, such as insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome — a cluster of symptoms including high cholesterol and high blood sugar.Animal studies suggest that antioxidants in parsley may effectively reduce high blood sugar levels.For example, a study in rats with type 1 diabetes found that those given parsley extract experienced greater reductions in blood sugar levels and improvements in pancreatic function compared to a control group.Along with eating a balanced diet, adding parsley to your cooking may help support healthy blood sugar levels.That said, human studies are needed to better understand the effects of parsley on blood sugar levels.
  • Parsley contains carotenoid antioxidants and vitamin C — both of which have been shown to benefit heart health.