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The Superfood Grocer Organic Coconut Sugar


This sugar is GOOD.


We're not just talking about its delicious subtle caramel flavor. We're talking about how kind it is to your body, to farmers, to nature.


Coconut sugar is a natural, low calorie, low glycemic (suitable even for diabetics) sweetener made from freshly harvested sap that flows out of the coconut flower. It is unrefined and tapped straight from nature - nothing artificial - and is rich in nutrients from deep within the Philippine soil. As it has a lower glycemic index, it also does not spike blood sugar as rapidly as conventional sugar, and can substitute for conventional sweeteners.


The Superfood Grocer's Organic Coconut Sugar is premium, light in color (a darker shade may suggest fermentation or the addition of preservatives), and best of all has these qualities:


> Nutrient-rich (Not your typical empty sweetness)

> Super brain fuel

> High in potassium

> Energy boosting without the crash

> Slow energy release ideal for athletes

> Low glycemic index of 35, substitute for regular sugar. 

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