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WTH Shredded Meat / Pinoy Pulled Meat - Vegan 210g


WTH Hinimay showcases the FIlipino pulled 'pork' made with jackfruit, inspired by herbs and spices of the Cebu-style lechon. HEATING INSTRUCTIONS- Stove: WTH Hinimay is already pre-cooked. We recommend that you add it towards the end to avoid overcooking. Microwave: Transfer WTH Hinimay to a microwavable container. Heat on high for 1 minute. NOTE: KEEP FROZEN. Do NOT microwave the pouch! INGREDIENTS: Jackfruit, texturized soy protein, lemongrass, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, garlic, spanish paprika, coconut oil, water, pepper, salt. Manufactured in a facility that processes products containing soy and wheat. WTH products are plant-based meat alternatives sustainably made using local Filipino ingredients. Our mission is to create well-loved Filipino food that is healthy and kind to all - our farmers, the animals, the planet, and especially you. See for recipes. #CraveGoodFood