Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping / Delivery

Where do we deliver?

We deliver nationwide! we can do same day delivery for our clients in Metro Manila and Clabarzon. As for our other clients it make take 1-3 working days depending on where you are based.


Shipment or delivery time of the ordered meat or seafood?

The time of delivery depends on the location of the hotel, restaurant, etc. If the place is within Metro Manila you can receive the order within the day of transaction.

But if the place is outside Metro Manila, the delivery time is 2-3 days and if the delivery time will extend more that the said days we will inform you beforehand to notify.


Wholesale Orders?

Need a lot of meat, poultry or seafood? We can also do bulk orders with big discounts! 

Contact us at:


Contact Number: (02) 886-8579

Do you sell specific cuts, parts and sizes of meat, poultry or seafood?

Yes! We also sell specific parts of meat, poultry and seafood that you need.

Feel free to contact us anytime!


Contact Number: (02) 886-8579